Sawyer Paddles

Sawyer Paddles

Sawyer Paddle
The Lil’ Ripper is the perfect starter SUP paddle for kids. It is very lightweight with a simple design that is easy to maneuver. This paddle is perfect for cruising and those first little surfs. the Lil’ Ripper features a modern teardrop blade shape.

The Ripper X was built with the surf in mind. This wood SUP paddle is reinforced with carbon fiber and fiberglass for an enhanced wood paddle flex. This paddle provides a nice spring and energy with each stroke. Ideal for surf, whitewater river running and high cadence touring.

The Storm has an ultra tough CFRT (Continuous Fiber-Tech Reinforced) blade with a fiberglass shaft.

The Storm Quickdraw Traveler is the same as the original Storm SUP paddle but utilizes the streamlined Lever Lock adjustable grip for “On-the-Fly” adjustability.

The Ladies Flex Tour has been designed for the smaller paddler. This paddle is made of wood so it is very relieving on the wrists, but also features composite reinforcement making it tough enough for surfing.

The Flex Tour has a great feel for touring and is strong enough for surf. This wood stand up paddle has a very forgiving feel compared to stiff carbon fiber shafts and blades.

The Team Sawyer Race (TSR) paddle is in a class of its own. The ultralight and highly maneuverable paddle becomes an extension of your body. The tapered oval carbon shaft and the all new, ultralight Ergo wooden grip lock into your hands for complete confident control and power.

The Sawyer Mana Glass is a finely tuned strong and light paddle. This SUP paddle features a tubular fiberglass shaft and fiberglass reinforced blade in two profiles to meet your paddling style and preferences.

The Sawyer Mana Carbon (Shown) is a strong, ultra-light paddle that also features a fiberglass shaft and fiberglass blade.

The Mana Quickdraw Traveler is a newer and lighter SUP paddle that utilizes the streamlined Lever Lock adjustable grip system for “On-the-Fly” adjustability.

The Sawyer Versa Trident is a SUP paddle, touring kayak paddle and push pole in one! This versatility is achieved by utilizing the QuickDraw CamLock system.

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