Simsup S1 – S5

The Simsup


The Simsup 1 is the entry level board. It is the most stable paddler in the series while maintaining it’s amazing attributes of speed and maneuverability. The S1 is a very versatile and may be the best all-rounder you will ever ride.

The Simsup 2 features enhanced design elements that add to the boards maneuverability in the surf. The S2’s rail with amplified V bottom allows the board to go on rail more easily.

The Simsup 3 (Shown) is designed to be the apex performer in the Original Simsup series, the S3 features thinner  rails, more exaggerated bottom contours, a double winged tail profile and overall reduced volume for increased performance and a very lively rid

The Simsup 4 is the result of rider feedback and the evolving design of the Simsup series. The S4 maintains the elements that make the Simsup family work (short/wide plan shape, early entry and quick acceleration, etc.) but with a narrower nose and tail, increased tail rocker and V under the back foot and it’s unique bottom contours this design is truly in a class of it’s own.

The Simsup 5 is another study in modern displacement hulls for the SUP world and is the latest model in the Simsup line. Meant to be ridden 2″ narrower than your normal board, the S5 features increased nose and tail rockers and a 5 fin config for more options.

Available in sizes: 7’8″ – 8’8″

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