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Surf Clinics Just for Women

For women, by women, Capitola Surf and Paddle Clinics are just the place to level up your surfing. Each clinic is designed to focus on a specific set of skills with women who have similar surfing abilities. While you can mix and match based on your personal needs, they are designed to build upon one another and progress your surfing with each session. Even better, you’ll be learning alongside like-minded chicas, there to cheer, laugh, and support you with every wave.

Women's Beginner Clinic

For those looking to dip their toes in the water this summer and want to learn the basics with some other rad woman. The goal for this clinic is that you can feel
comfortable jumping in on your own/with friends knowing the important aspects of ocean safety and surf etiquette. This clinic will be great for those who have tried surfing a few times or no times, and want to learn the fundamentals of paddling, popping up, entering and exiting the water safely, and understand some of the basics of surf etiquette.

Pop Up Like a Pro

Whether you want to transition out of using your knees, not sure why you keep falling, or just feel funky in the process of popping up, then this clinic is for you! We will go over several different pop methods (as there is no one way about it), and we will find the right pop up for you. This clinic is great for all levels looking to improve their pop up.

Speed Generation and Trim Clinic

Find yourself surfing down the line, but still getting caught up in the whitewater? This clinic will teach you how to maintain and/or build speed so you can trim down the line without getting overtaken by the soup (whitewater) stirring behind you. This clinic is ideal for those who have started to surf down the line or have been surfing down the line for a while, but perhaps feeling slow or unable to control their speed on the wave.

Paddle Conditioning Clinic

Feeling sluggish on your paddling, or coming out of the water with achy arms and neck? This clinic is designed to correct paddle techniques so that your paddling not only gets faster and more efficient, but also sets a healthy foundation that will keep you surfing and paddling for decades to come. This clinic caters towards all levels. We will be surfing in this clinic too!

Wave Reading Clinic

This clinic is designed to teach you how to read wave shapes, size, and its progression so you can better your positioning and catch more waves with proper timing. This clinic is ideal for a variety of surfers who want to improve their wave reading skills, understand what the wave is going to do before it breaks, and learn the little tips and tricks to ocean reading. So whether you’re new and wanting to learn how to read waves to catch them on your own, or want to learn how to improve your positioning and wave selection then this clinic is for you.

Shred Down the Line

If you have mastered surfing in the whitewater, it only gets easier from there! Time to take it down the line and surf on the green wave. This clinic is great for surfers who can catch waves on their own, feel comfortable riding straight, and are looking to take it to the next level.

Take Off Techniques Clinic

Angled take offs, faded take offs, stalled take offs, late take offs, and maybe no paddle take offs! There is a start, middle, and end to each wave you catch. This
clinic is all about putting some flare and variety into the way you start your wave. Why? Because it’s fun and groovy! And if you’re looking to gain some competition bonus points, having a unique take off always impresses the judges. This clinic is for gals with more of an advanced-intermediate surf experience who are capable of catching their own waves, and surfing down the line.

Carving Clinic

This clinic is for women who want to surf the entirety of the wave, top to bottom. By utilizing top turns and bottom turns, surfers can carve along the face in a more radical way and build speed along the way. Carving is performed near the pocket of the wave, so this clinic is best for surfers who feel comfortable riding in the pocket, have begun to trim and are looking to get more vertical on their maneuvers.

Cutbacks Clinic

Stay in the sweet spot of the wave by learning to cutback, and maybe even create some spray along the way! Learning how to cutback at the right time and with good technique is critical for extending your rides, and maintaining optimal positioning for doing other maneuvers on the wave. Whether you are beginning to do maneuvers or simply riding down the line, this clinic is great for a variety of surfers who are learning to maximize their time in the pocket.

Cross-Step Clinic

It’s time ladies…to transition away from the shuffle. Learning how to cross-step is a true game changer, as it is a much smoother way to transfer our weight as we move up and down the board. It can feel daunting at first, but with the support of fellow chicas to cheer and laugh us on there is no better way time give it a try!  This clinic is ideal for gals who are comfortable shifting their weight on the board, shuffling their feet, or starting to cross-step.

Stance Styles & Footwork

Improve your stance so that you are able to blend stability with flow, and find the stance that suits your style of surfing. We will go over the benefits of different surf stances, the importance of not only our foot placement, but also how our head, hands, arms and hips play a huge role in our surfing. And we will also review the importance of footwork on the board, as we are always making micro (sometimes macro!) adjustments on the board throughout the wave. 

*The clinic is best for surfers who are able to pop up consistently, and are looking to feel less rigid on the wave/surfboard and start to find one’s unique style.

Sea Savvy Skills Clinic

Many people think of standing on a surfboard when they think of surfing, however surfing is much more than that. It is about the experience of being in the ocean, being exposed to elements that are always more powerful than us, and succumbing to having any control over that. While we can’t control Neptune, we can learn how to respect the ocean, understand its patterns, and make wise decisions when entering the water. This clinic is focused on ocean safety–learn how to be safe in the water by understanding how the ocean works. From learning about tides and channels to defensive maneuvers we can do on our surfboard, this clinic will help build confidence when hitting the water, and allow you to make smart decisions about where and when you decide to surf. 

*This clinic is crucial for anyone looking to get into surfing, or anyone who wants to expand their knowledge about the ocean.

Elegant Endings Clinic

Do you wipeout or jump off your board at the end of each wave? If so it’s time to master board control and learn how to elegantly finish your waves! Come learn and try the aloha finish, stall to sit, over the top, or the kick out finish. The goal of this clinic is to learn how to maintain board control at the end of the wave and discover fun ways to end the wave. 

*This clinic is great for gals who are catching waves on their own. This is also great for any gals doing Woman on Waves looking to score a few extra bonus points on their rides, as a clean finish goes a long way in the judging booth!

Positioning in a Crowded Lineup

Looking to catch more waves but unsure where to position yourself when the lineup is crowded? This clinic will review different zones of where to sit and catch waves, and the pros and cons of each zone. The goal of this clinic is to get comfortable in crowded lineups, and know how to handle them so that you can stay safe and still catch plenty of waves. 

*This clinic is great for surfers who are able to catch waves on their own, but are often hesitant to go for waves due to the crowd factor and/or confidence. 

Upcoming Clinics

June 2nd — Bodysurf Clinic

June 15th — Navigating Crowds

June 22nd — Surf Down The Line

June 23rd — Cross Stepping & Noseriding

June 29th — Pop Up Techniques

June 30th — Stand Up Paddle Excursion

All clinics are 2 hours long and cost $120.
Surfboard and wetsuit can be provided free of charge upon request. All clinics are held at Capitola Beach.

Call to Book: 831-435-6503

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