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Jason Alaniz of Capitola Surf and PaddleOur Story

As early as I can remember,

I have always loved the ocean. Neither of my parents surfed or really knew anything about the ocean so I was on my own. I participated in many different organized sports, but I always enjoyed surfing the most. Living so close to the beach I could always go as much as I wanted.

Then Stand Up Paddleboarding came into my life

My first week on my own board I paddled for countless hours with seals and dolphins off the coast of Capitola, California. Looking down on these majestic creatures I realized the unique vantage point that paddle boarding presented. Like many, I was instantly hooked.

I’m so excited to share what I have learned in all of my years of SUPing, and also the secrets I found in my short SUP career. Standup paddleboarding and paddle surfing bring together my teaching/coaching background to the fun new sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding plus share this unique experience of SUP in Capitola with locals and visitors alike.

As a 17 year Fire Service Veteran / 21 year EMT-Paramedic my background in safety and emergency preparedness which includes water rescue training, CPR, and first aid which helps our students feel comfortable and confidant in the water.
We are located in the heart of Capitola Village which is known for it’s great family oriented beaches, shops and restaurants. Capitola is an ideal location to begin or enhace your paddle boarding skills. Paddle boarding is a great sporting activity for all skill levels and is perfect fun for the family and friends.

Capitola Surf and Paddle

offers personalized instructional lessons to all skill levels. Lessons can be from “one on one” to small groups. We provide the equipment you’ll need and complimentary photos of your great day! The waters of Capitola are generally calm because of it’s cove like setting along the coastline. Yet it still offers moderate surf locations if you desire. Capitola is generally warm and sunny, free from fog and has temperate water temperatures year round.

–Jason Alaniz, Founder & SUP Extraordinaire

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stand up paddle boarding?

SUP involves standing on an oversized surf board and using a single lightweight paddle, ideally somewhat taller than oneself, to glide over water. Either way, it can be as intense or relaxing as you choose to make it. SUP’ing involves balancing on the board which engages all the core muscles, while paddling hits the upper body. And because it’s low impact and relatively easy to master, which has made fans of paddle boarding among every age group.

What if I’ve never paddle boarded before?

No problem! Capitola is a great place to learn; We provide expert instruction and guide you through the experience. We enjoy to introduce beginners to the sport.

How much time will I spend in the water?

We start with 15-20 minute lecture on standard SUP equipment, instructions on SUP’ing and water safety on land. Plan to spend one and a half hours (1-1/2) on the water.

What do I wear? Do I need a wetsuit?

It truely depends on your personal comfort level. The time, weather and temperature of the water can all play a part of your decision.
We recommend just board shorts (shorts suitable for the water) with a long sleeve “water shirt” (a lycra or nylon shirt is great, like a biking shirt or running shirt). This is standard paddling gear, and most are surprised how warm they are when stand up padding. If the weather forcast looks a bit chilly for your class, or you are particularly sensive to cold, you may use one of our wetsuits.

If you are concerned about being cold, we’re happy to provide you with a full suit. However, you will likely will not end up in the water at all, so once you start paddling around in the sun, you’ll likely get warm. Unless you’re very sensitive to cold, a wetsuit is usually NOT required for simple paddling.

Where should I park?

There are a number of parking options in Capitola Village which include all-day lots and metered street parking.

  • Metered street parking is available throughout the Village for $1.50 per hour. There is a 2-hour limit on all parking meters in the Village.
  • The Pacific Cove parking lot, located on Capitola Avenue behind City Hall, offers unlimited metered parking for $0.50 per hour. Meters run from 8am-8pm daily.
  • Free, all-day beach parking is available at the Crossroads Center parking lot on Bay Ave. Visitors can ride a free shuttle from the lot into the Village on weekends and holidays from 10am-8pm.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover) or cash as payment.

Do I need to sign anything?

All students are required to sign a standard liability waiver form before we get started.


Saved our trip to the beach! We booked our June 2014 trip to Capitola weeks in advance hoping for good weather. Unfortunately it was overcast and high 60’s. Our kids wanted so badly to swim and boogie board however the water was very cold (most likely 45 degrees!). Literally from the beach, I called Capitola Surf and Paddle and was able to walk to their storefront, rent wetsuits for the kids and return within 15 minutes! The staff is efficient and friendly (Stephanie helped me) and rental fees reasonable. The wetsuits fit perfectly and the kids had a blast! They saved the day! Thank you Capitola Surf and Paddle!!! 5 Stars!!!

Kimberly S.

Jason is a great instructor and teacher. He is thorough and patient. His sense of humor puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable. He is knowledgeable and well prepared. His passion for teaching SUP is evident. I will definitely recommend him to my friends.


Came here last week with my girlfriends and we had a two hour lesson with Roger. He was patient, kind, answered all of our questions, made us feel safe, and best of all – took lots of pictures for us! =) We had a great time. I came back today with another group of friends. We were not disappointed. The staff wheeled and carried out all of the paddleboards to the beach for us and our only job was to get in the water and have fun =). Once we were done, we stayed with the boards on the beach while one of us walked back to the shop to let them know we were finished. Then all of us walked back together as a group and all we had to carry were our paddles. It was all just so easy. There are lockers to keep your stuff while you’re out on the water. There’s also a dressing room, restroom, and an outdoor shower to rinse off. Thank you Capitola Surf and Paddle! I plan to come back many times. = )


I had a great day out on the water with Jason learning how to paddle surf. I have been out paddle boarding before, but this was my first time paddle surfing and it was a blast. Jason provided all of the equipment, including lugging it to the beach, helped me tune up my form, and gave me some great tips in the water. It was also great to try out a couple of different high performance SUPs. It was a fantastic experience and I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for something fun to do in Capitola.


Capitola is a great place to surf, but is often too flat to surf in the summer. I saw a paddle boarder which motivated me to take lessons. Jason of Capitola Surf and Paddle was a fun, patient and a knowledgeable instructor. Plus he is a fireman, so I knew I was in good hands. Now, I think I paddle board more than surf. It’s a great sport and Capitola SUP is a great choice for anyone wanting to get into the sport.


This place was awesome, a friend brought me and 2 other friends for our first time out. Rental for boards were $20. We went out with no wetsuits today’s high were to be 73…no vests…both are available however I’m not sure if they cost more. They had holders for our glasses but to be honest we didn’t need them (no charge). They take down the boards for you and then did a quick overview since 3 of us have never paddle boarded before… helped us in and away we went! It was super easy and one of our friends isn’t even a fan of water (lol) but she enjoyed herself enough to say she would come out again! You leave your boards and just bring your paddles with you to the short walk aback to the shop… they have a rinse off spot there too with warm water. I had such a blast and can’t wait to go back!!

Jennifer T.

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